A Mysterious House in Saga Prefecture

I had the day off, so I joined my friend Jeff in Saga for an impromptu motorcycle ride around town. We first stopped off at the shrine, where Jeff showed me the best nikuman ever, and how to feed the pigeons.

We then continued our journey down winding twisting paths, and stopped off at this house. To be honest, we were hoping that someone would be inside, because then we could get permission to upload the video, as well as possibly interview the guy who made this place. Unfortunately, we were only greeted by the dog, but I decided to upload the video anyway. (I sincerely doubt there was an internet connection in that place anyway, he’ll never know, right?!)

We pressed on through the hills and stopped off at a little restaurant that specialized in healthy, fresh vegetables. It was delicious, and we decided to use the opportunity to record a second video for Jeff’s channel as well. Oshibori Art! (Oshibori is the name of the wet cloth that is handed to you before meals in Japan. Jeff’s got a knack for folding them like origami and turning them into interesting creatures.)

All in all, a fun productive day, and I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to finally have friends who are interested in video-making as much as I am. Pleasantly content with the way this day went.


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