Mont Blanc Pepsi? The Japanese “Dessert Beverage”


It’s not unusual for Pepsi Japan to release unique flavors every so often.

This past year we have tried Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Shiso, and Pepsi Azuki.

So when we saw Pepsi Mont Blanc in the supermarket, we knew we had to try it.

Down the hatch!

And it was so strange.

It said something like, “please enjoy this as a desert.” on the bottle’s label.

But I think I would prefer to have a real desert, than to drink a cola. Heh.

Then again, I’m not a fan of carbonated beverages anyway, so maybe that’s why.

Don't mind the duck face.

Anyway, while I would suggest trying them all at least once,

I feel like, for me, trying them once is good enough. Hehe.

I guess I gotta think about making a youtube video soon.

I have no ideas at all.

What should I doooooooooo?

26 thoughts on “Mont Blanc Pepsi? The Japanese “Dessert Beverage”

  1. You should make a video about Japanese magazines! Use popteen or something with all the Photoshop and teenage plastic surgery tips. I think it’s interesting how many subculture magazines there are in japan.

  2. はじめまして。



  3. Hmmmmm… what would I like to see?

    Maybe do something that a lot of Japanese people go crazy over that isn’t really a fad or anything here? Like… we love hockey (most people here do, and we’re known to love hockey, etc), but… what would be a Japanese equivalent that would be very weird to Canadians…?

    I dunno! Maybe you already touch down on that in some of your videos already. Either way, I know you’ll think of something super creative and great. =P

  4. I like Pepsi…but I don’t think I could drink it as a dessert 0_o The Japanese come up with the strangest things, haha. But I always say that you should try anything at least once. “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!” haha. Was it better than the Pepsi Cucumber?

    Maybe you should do a video about the neighborhood where you and Ryuhei live? Or about your apartment and how small they are in Japan, lol. Or you could just do a video on Ryuhei…he always makes me laugh! ^_^


  5. I feel like you have shown a few videos about your music school and shown us your music, but have you told us what music you like? Tell us what kind of Japanese music/non-Japanese music you like.

      1. i thought it tasted like coffee….and christmas lol. our bassist said it tasted just like mont blanc but i just dont see it. i tasted no chestnutty type taste at all.

        but it was delicious. i adored the shiso kind too but not the sad when they go off the shelves.

  6. Can you please do a video on Sumo? Sumo is currently in Fukuoka. Also, can you provide us a detailed bio on the funny guy named Ryuhei who shows up once in a while on your videos?

  7. nice to meet you! my name is ryo,from miyagi
    i watched your videos of youtube.
    it’s so fun and japanese is very good:)
    btw:i think that want to speak english
    and i’ll homestay to america or canada:)
    i have to study hard!!!

    i acount face book
    ryo takahashi
    if i share your page, pleace do you be my friend?

  8. ペットの好きなミカはペットショップを見に行きました。題して”ミカのペットショップ探索の巻き”なんてVery fetching:)

  9. 彼氏が、写真で登場して生存していた事が分かって良かった。彼氏は、大変な事になったかとおもいましたね。

  10. Nice to see you.
    My name is Hikari.
    I’m a Japanese girl and 16 yers old.
    I found your movie in Youtube when I serach “Canada”.
    Are you from Canada,aren’t you?
    What I will be able to go to Canada was decided on March.
    I will stay someone’s home.

    Your blog is so interesting!
    And you are so cute.:D

  11. Yes, definitely keep updating this blog! It’s a good way to get a Micaela fix without having to wait for a YT vid🙂

    Also, if you haven’t already, you should make a video of what a day of work is like for you. Getting ready, how you get there, your building, what you do, eating lunch, going home etc. That would probably get a lot of views!

  12. こんにちは、ミカエラさん。

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