Pao Crepe Milk

My Guilty Pleasure

A new dessert store recently opened at the train station near FSM (school).

I had seen the store around Fukuoka before, but I had never been brave enough to try it.

(Not sure why, but I hate going into stores I’ve never been in before.)

It advertised “100 yen Crepes”, so I wanted to try them at least once.

And ever since then, I’ve been hooked.


The size of my fist.

They are about the size of my fist, but they are loaded with filling. The one in my hand is Green Tea flavored.

I bought 8 crepes for the English Class I had to teach this evening.

Here’s a picture of the only one that was left over:


Chocolate Cookie (Cookies and Creme) Flavor

They are pretty good, but one is enough to make you feel full.

But I totally recommend trying them.

I mean, they’re only $1 (100en) each!

Anyway, how was your week?


Official Website Of Pao Crepe Milk


10 thoughts on “Pao Crepe Milk

  1. oh, those look really good! & for that price, totally worth it. it’s like this cheap coffee that’s about ₩600 (so like, $.55~) every morning. i dunno, maybe it’s the cheap price that makes me like it more…haha. the crepes look better than my coffee.

  2. Nice to meet you. Its first time to leave a comment.
    Im Japanese and studiyng English in the United States.
    I found ur website through Youtube. All of your topics you update are intrigued.

    Those crepe are pretty affordable, and look pretty good.
    I wish I would try one time; however, I guess my hometown, Kagawa in Shikoku, does not exist that store unfortunately….

  3. Hey Micaela 😉

    these crepes look really good! and they’re also cheap! I want to try them, too~

    Yesterday I started to do some research on the “Working Holiday”-Year I want to spend in Japan. If it’s okay, I’ll message you with some questions as soon as I have some kind of plan 😀


  4. I’m a well full of jealous. For one, I’m jealous of cheap crepes. For two, I’m jealous of all the people who can eat them (for alas, I cannot anymore). And finally, I’m jealous that you can eat them and not gain a pound! ;____;

    I miss life before puberty… I swear to god…

    As for my week, it was good! I hope you’re having a good week yourself thar, missy! ❤

  5. Sounds and looks awesome = must taste awesome! However, its probably a good thing that I don’t live in Japan and have access to $1 crepes the size of my hand ;p

    Gosh, I miss Japan..

  6. Ah, yummy!
    I totally get the thing about being uncomfortable going into a new store.. I frequently drag someone else along with me when I want to check out a new place.
    Five minutes after entering the place I realize that, of course, it’s not any different from the millions of other stores I’ve been in, how silly of me.
    Until something new opens.

  7. >美味しいですけど、一個しか食べれないです。

    ✕ 食べれない
    〇 食べられない


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