Only in Japan? Minute Maid “GooNew”!


Whether this is clever or ridiculous, I don't even know.

Today I came across this new beverage in the grocery store.

Coca Cola Japan’s exclusive product: Minute Maid GooNew

According to the label, it’s a combination of Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Lactic Acid, Fruit Juice, and …

Oligosaccharide? I could not tell you what that could possibly be, though.
オリゴ糖? それはいったいどんなものなのかはっきり分からないですが。

No preservatives, either!


Ironically, it also states that fruit juice counts for less than 10% of the beverage.

I wonder what kind of drink this is?

I’m curious to know if anyone has tried it.

Please let me know what it’s like!


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Thanks so much!

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Now, to work on making new videos..




18 thoughts on “Only in Japan? Minute Maid “GooNew”!

  1. I tried the pineapple one, and it was really very good! I expected it to taste like some sort of gross fruity milk, but it tasted pretty much like a Pina Colada. (^^)b

  2. オリゴ糖は天然の甘い成分だよ。そのままボトルで売ってたのみたことある。

  3. i think the oligo stuff is good for your intestines. like yogurt is good for ur intestines. it assists the good bacteria…or hinders the bad.
    at least i associate it with that sort of benefit…though come to think of it im not sure where i got that info…..
    the collagen marshmallows i rot my teeth out with daily has it too.

  4. はじめまして。Canadaの紹介からYouTubeを通して、こちらへ来ました。Canadaの風景をみて、まわりの樹木が紅葉しているのを見てると、私の住んでいる北海道と似ていると感じましたね。

  5. Hey Ciaela, been watching your videos for a while (they’re nice).

    Speaking of drinks (or food)Have you ever heard of SouZouCreations ?

    They’re seemingly located in Fukuoka. link: found that on the internet. Made me think of you because the person making the items is actually a canadian woman living in japan

    And yeah “sacchar” basically means “sugar” and “oligos” “a few”

  6. はじめまして。英語の勉強になるので時々見ています。

  7. I m 17years old
    I look this brog first time today
    But I feel I Iike this brog
    I have been Chicago 3weaks a years ago
    I think that I must send xmass gift for my friend who live in Chicago
    Butt I can’t think
    what do you think??

    I take part in facebook

  8. Hmm…I was always more into the jelly drinks and 期間限定 mango drinks they have in the summer. Missing Japan so much…not missing spending way too much money on 自動販売機 and コンビに!^^

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