Bonus Video: Parfaits with Mimei and KatMcDowell

これは、ブログ限定の動画です! 英語聞き取れるのかな?
This is a video that is exclusively for my blog. I wonder if you can understand our English?

When I was in Tokyo last time, I met with some friends who also blog on Youtube.

They are both from New Zealand.

右側の可愛い女性はKat McDowellです。東京でシンガーソングライターとして活動してます。
The cute girl on the right is Kat McDowell, she is a singer-songwriter based in Tokyo.

The one on the left is beautiful Mimei. They both make video blogs on youtube, if you are interested, please check them out!

Anyway, I give you the video footage we took at a Sweets Cafe in Shibuya!

どうにか楽しんでください! (笑)
I hope you enjoy it somehow.


6 thoughts on “Bonus Video: Parfaits with Mimei and KatMcDowell

  1. Haha, the first paper I read on this blog, and you are going right now on my bookmarks =)
    I really love Japanese culture and history, but I did not really though about cakes and food in Japan, maby I will learn more with you, thanks =)

    So, it seems so delicious, I hope you have successful eat all of this 😛

    (and, sorry for my english, I am french so, well, you know ^_^)

  2. ご無沙汰です!

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