Johnston Canyon アイスキャニオン

The start of a 2.7km hike.

This morning we went to Johnston Canyon after checking out of our hotel.

Nobody was around when we arrived at the canyon, the only footprints in the snow belonged to animals.

It looks way colder than it actually was. There wasn’t any wind, so it was quite “warm”.

By “warm”, I mean, it was -1 Degree Celcius.

It was snowing lightly, the forest was silent and peaceful aside from the occasional squirrel chatter.


Since it’s winter, the rivers and waterfalls are slowly starting to freeze over.

And the water is such a pretty shade of blue-green.

And near the end of the trail, icicles decorated the sides of the mountains.

Dangerously spectacular.

It was worth the hike.

In total, I think the hike took about 2.5 hours.

We stopped a lot to take pictures though, so maybe that’s why.

But it was a lot of fun.

And with this, we have finished our Banff travels.

I wonder what the next destination will bring us? I’m looking forward to it.

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*This trip is sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

10 thoughts on “Johnston Canyon アイスキャニオン

  1. Love Johnston’s Canyon…thanks for the pics as I have never seen it in winter. My relatives actually own it…they have had it since as long as I can remember and I am 52!

  2. きれいだな~!さすがカナダ。雄大な針葉樹林と清流でフライフィッシングをやってみたい。スモークサーモン、チーズにバーボンがあったら最高だな!しかし、グリズリー(大熊)と出会ったらどうしよう?

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