Whitehorse is Beautiful! ホワイトホース美しいよ!

Daisuke and I arriving at an Ice Lake outside Whitehorse.

Sorry I couldn’t update for a while.

I couldn’t connect to the internet in the last hotel I stayed at.

According to the Guide, the city of Whitehorse didn’t even have full cell-phone service until recently.

They only started being able to use cell phones outside the city about 2 years ago.

For a young person like me, it’s hard to imagine their lifestyle.

The quiet little city of Whitehorse.

But the truth is, in the 4 days here, I really started to love Whitehorse.

The people are very relaxed, and follow their own pace.

I never saw a single person stressed out, or in a rush.

And the interesting thing was that–our guide was German. The hotel front desk lady was from England.

There were many Japanese visitors, and the lodge that we stayed at was run by a French woman.

It seems that people from all over the world have come to Whitehorse for this lifestyle.

Even though it’s the same Canada, it feels like a completely different world.

There is so much nature, it’s beautiful.

Frozen lake with mountains in the background.

I definitely think I’d come back here again.

Especially when I think of all the SUMMER activities they must have..

Canada is truly beautiful.

*This trip is sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission.


11 thoughts on “Whitehorse is Beautiful! ホワイトホース美しいよ!

  1. I have never been in Canada yet, but my image of Canada is just like there. I enjoyed to watch this report and want to visit there someday…

  2. These pictures are beautiful, definitely looks peaceful. I have never had the desire before, but now it is definitely going to be a place I want to visit.

  3. Sounds so great !!! I live in Victoria now, but it hasn’t snowed yet since our town is the warmest city. I really wanna go to Whitehorse to see such as beautiful scenery. If there is a big mistake, sorry. My native language is not English. (Im Japanese)

  4. Stunning, oh my God. This is pure beauty. I think I can keep staring at these pictures whole day long (which is not quite a good idea, considering I have to study D:)

    P.S. Welcome your new reader? :D? /where has your blog been my whole life? This is such a great way of learning Japanese!

  5. M – Do you have a link for Daisuke’s blog? I know it will be in Japanese, but I’m assuming he has some different photos than yours.

    Great trip! Enjoying the posts!


  6. I saw YouTube.

    Yor are pute.

    Have you ever been to Osaka?


  7. I am learning naive English from you. Thank you.
    And, I think you are cute! Have you been stopped and recruited as an actress??
    Anyway, I cheer your blogging.^v^

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