楽しかったでした。 It was a lot of fun.

Photo by Stefan Wackerhagen

It’s already been a week since I came back from Canada.

When I look back on the blog entries, it’s hard to believe I did so much in 10 days.

After one week, the memories I have of the things I did in Canada seem like only dreams.

Ice Fishing! Photo by Stefan Wackerhagen

It was really fun.

Even though it’s my home country, all these experiences were new to me.

Dog sledding, the Northern Lights, Banff, Whistler, and Whitehorse.

Even though I lived in Canada for so long, they were things I hadn’t done, places I hadn’t been.

Seeing everything from the perspective of a tourist, I was moved by Canada’s beauty.

I’m also really thankful to Daisuke for putting up with me for 10 days.

I learned a lot about blogging and video from watching him work.

For those of you who might consider visiting Canada from now,

if this helps your consideration in any way, that’s awesome.

If I had the chance, I would most definitely go again.

During this trip, thank you so much for reading and leaving comments on the blog.

And now, I’ll return to blogging about Japan.

And I hope that you’ll keep on reading.

Thank you 🙂

Photo by Stefan Wackerhagen


14 thoughts on “楽しかったでした。 It was a lot of fun.

  1. こんにちはミカエラさん!
    I think your pictures and videos of Canada were great. I only have one question for you: Do you know if they are only promoting West Canada in Japan? I’m a Québécoise (French Canadian… explains my bad English), and I’m currently speaking with a Japanese who came in Montréal to learn English, and he was a little bit shocked by the French culture. So I thought it would be great if the Canadian Tourism Commission would show that as well!

    Also… I’m jealous of your video at the Vancouver Aquarium. I reallly need to go there someday!


  2. ミカエラさんの大ファンです。私はカナダが大好きですしミカエラさんも日本に興味を持ってくれてありがとうです。これからもユーチューブ楽しみにしていますね。

  3. 何度もごめんなさい。もし日本の生活で寂しくなったら同じカナダ出身で(日本に住んでるジュリーーちゃん)ってゆう名前のブログを見つけました。とても面白いですよ。。二人での動画も見てみたいです。

  4. I saw YouTube.

    You are pute.

    Have you ever been to Osaka?



  5. Mikaeraちゃん、こんばんわ、はじめまして!!外国人の方YOUTUBEで日本を紹介していますね。楽しく英語の勉強させてもらってます!thank you!foreign people!



  6. mikaeraさんyoutube観てますよ。是非hokkaidoのnisekoにも来てくださいね。これからも応援してます。

  7. It’s been really fun for me to follow your trip. Thank you for sharing!
    And, a great job of it too! Canada is beautiful, I know, but it was fresh and fantastic through your eyes.

    Merry Christmas and a great new year!

  8. Hey Micaela, when are you coming to Texas?!! Definitely not as beautiful as Canada or Japan but a real cultural experience. Jennie

  9. Hey, Mikaera..How are you ?
    I found your Blog by Chance..It was a very Fun…
    I have been working and staying in Germany for a long Time..about for 28 years in Europe.
    I came from originally HOKKAIDO , Sapporo North Japan.
    I read your Message and Dreams in Japan..
    Get your Dreams in Japan and Have a FUN with Ryuhei..

    I am looking forward to next Video and Pictures and so on.

    See you then…

    from Frankfurt

  10. はじめまして、こんにちは どじです。
    You Tube の動画を見て来ちゃいました(*´∀`*)。



  11. Hello Mikaera:) i have been a regular visitor of your blog, but I’m writing this comment for the first time! I’m an exchange student from Hokkaido, studying in the U.S. I’m so impressed every time I see your articles in Japanese! I wish my English was as good as your Japanese! I have a website that I basically talk about random stuffs I experience here in America. So please visit my website! http://www.wix.com/njn3363/supercat56

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