バンジージャンプ挑戦したミカエラ I went Bungee Jumping!

Blogging in Asakusa.


I’m sorry for not updating for a long time!

When I’m busy, I am reallllly busy, but when I have free time, I have it in abundance.

I think it’s safe to say I have a lot of free time this week.

Last week I went to Tokyo.

(Tokyo has been feeling a lot closer lately.)

友達のウェブサイト BIJOGOYOMI のために浅草に行って撮影したりしました。
I went to Asakusa for a photoshoot for my friend’s website, BIJOGOYOMI.

Not sure when the pictures will go up, but I’ll let you know later.

But I also did something else.

I went to Yomiuri Land for my friend’s birthday party.

And we decided to go bungee jumping.


In my head, I was so sure I jumped more gracefully.

But it actually was terrifying.


But after I jumped, it wasn’t so scary.

It’s actually the scariest before you jump. I’d like to try again.

Really, I’ve been having so much fun lately.

It’s been rainy a lot lately, but the sunny days will come soon.

I’m positive, and looking forward to the summer.

I wonder if you have gone bungee jumping before?

Leave me a comment and let me know.


22 thoughts on “バンジージャンプ挑戦したミカエラ I went Bungee Jumping!

  1. (!)よみうりランドは、私の家のすぐそば!



    This may be an unnecessary addition, but I (We) miss this one,

    so, thank you.

    see you later.

    1. 近いですか! じゃ、すれ違ったかもしれないですねー! コメントありがとうございました!

  2. I’ve never bungee jumped, although I wouldn’t mind trying someday. However, right now I’m packing to go to NILS and your post really resonated with me. Right now, I’m terrified. To suddenly go and live in a country where I don’t know anyone, and don’t speak the language very well, I wonder if I’m putting myself in a corner. However, like with jumping, once I get there, maybe the scariest part will have already passed.
    (Sorry for saying something so unconnected to your post.)

    1. Hi Sara! I was actually thinking about that recently too. I get lots of e-mails from people who are nervous about coming to Japan (and Fukuoka), but once they get here, I never hear from them again. Its easy to work yourself up right before you dive into the unknown, but once you get to Fukuoka, I promise you it’s not going to be as scary as you think. Things don’t always work out in the best possible way, but very very very rarely, do they end up in the worst case scenarios. You’ll be fine, you’ll have a great time. By the way, did you use myyy dissscounnnnt for your school fees? 😉

      1. Ahh, I completely missed this response before, thanks for replying! I did use your discount and it was super easy, they added it right in, no problem! I’m on my way out to visit my BF in Canada tomorrow and then straight into Fukuoka from there. Thanks again for all the great info on your youtube channel and blog that helped me choose NILS 😀

  3. Cool! Not just this, but you have been doing so much; I am enjoying reading your blogs about what you’ve been up to!, and was so happy for you when your family visited in Fukuoka. Keep it up and have fun! Know I am cheering for ya.

  4. かっこいい浴衣だね!柄がいい!どんな色なんだろ~?

  5. I’m 62,probably the oldest fan of your blogs. Watching your outstandingly cool videos has been a lot of a lot of a lot of fun after daily hard work.You’re so cute, charming, cheerful.

  6. Micaela: I have been enjoying your Blogs, and just joined the listserve here! I would appreciate so much if I could ask you a personal question about networking in Japan (I am a foreigner in Japan). I watched one of your recent YouTube videos, and had a specific question that came from it. I cannot find your contact information anywhere, but I guess you have my e-mail now (at least it is attached to this comment!) Thanks again…

  7. I tried bungee jumping when I was in Thailand and it was great.
    There was a big lake under me and I was surrounded by pure nature. Looked very tropical there. So nice.
    What is this thing you’re holding onto?
    I had something wrapped around my legs and fell with my face forward.

    Hope I can travel to Japan someday and maybe try bungee jumping there.
    But first I want to finish my studies. Unfortunately I can’t visit Japan for a semester abroad cause the credits earned in the studies abroad won’t be graded here and I will only use time.

    But if I’m lucky enough and get the chance to I definitely will do my doctoral dissertation there.
    We have a partnership with the Kyushu University.

    Keep up with your great videos and storys.They are always interesting.
    I wish you all the best for your future.

    1. hi Mikaera, I love your site! I lived in Osaka for seven years,and returned to Australia in 2010. Missing Japan terribly I have started my own blog, and yours is wonderful, it really resonates well with me! Check out mine here if you have a moment:
      Cheers, Ben

  8. 初めまして、YouTube見ましたRYUです。

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