P.E.I 最高です。さっそく引っ越したい! I’m moving to P.E.I.

無事にたどり着きました、プリンス・エドワード・アイランド (P.E.I) に!!
I’ve arrived safely in Prince Edward Island!

ご覧の通, P.E.Iの砂あ真っ赤です。
As you can see, the sand in P.E.I. is bright red.

Apparently this is because of the high levels of iron in the sand.

Prince Edward Island is self-sustaining. Most of the food is produced here on the island.

That’s what makes P.E.I’s food so good–I might cry tears of joy.

一日目はさっそくP.E.Iの食べ物祭り, “Fall Flavors” (秋の味)に参加させていただきました。
So the first day, we participated in a food festival, known as “Fall Flavors.”

Both locals and tourists gathered to eat luxurious meals a la buffet style.

All of the cooking was incredible.

And finally, for dessert, we chomped down on some delicious and fashionable cupcakes.

The cake was really moist and the icing on top was just the perfect level of “sweet”.

This may be my home and native land, but I’ve never been this far east, it feels like a totally foreign country to me.

The people are kind and will often come up and talk.

I realized this as soon as I landed, but everyone on P.E.I seems to have a lot of pride for the island.

That’s amazing.

I’m only staying in P.E.I for a short time, and I want to do as much as I can, so I have to make a lot of preparations.

I’ll be using tomorrow’s free time to edit a video, but I’ll update you again as soon as I can!

While you’re waiting, feel free to follow other bloggers on their Canadian journey.

Also, don’t forget that you can follow me in real-time on Twitter and Facebook, of course. 🙂

それでは、お休みなさい! ♥
Goodnight! ♥


21 thoughts on “P.E.I 最高です。さっそく引っ越したい! I’m moving to P.E.I.

  1. Although I suppose that this is mainly aimed at Japanese people, I really enjoy your posts about Canada. I’ve never been there before, but your posts and photos really make me wanna go there one day!
    Come to think of it … apart from a few European countries and of course my current home Japan I haven’t been anywhere yet!
    I’d love to travel around the world a bit more! Australia, New Zealand, Canada … ^-^;

    Keep ’em posts coming, girl!


  2. I think you will find the people of the Maritimes, especially PEI & Newfoundland very hospitable and open. Remember what they did for the Americans during 9/11. I am a Canadian that has traveled from coast-to-coast – except the North and Nunavut and found the Eastern provinces, in my opinion, hold the nicest places to be with regard to feeling “welcome”. But our whole country has enough to offer everyone. Enjoy and be safe. Hear there is quite a storm headed in your direction so stay away from the beaches until Leslie blows out to sea! But I guess compared to earthquakes, tsumanis and the typhoons of Japan it doesn’t compare. Now I understand why in Japanese paintings you see those “huge” incredible blue waves 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment–I guess you’re right. I had never drawn a connection between the waves and the weather in japan, but now that you mention it–it makes perfect sense. I love the Maritimes, everyone is chatty and friendly. Been having people walk right up to me while filming and offer to hold my camera for me. HAHA. I love it. I never want to leave.

  3. 一度行ってみたいです。1998年の長野五輪の時にジェレミー・ウォザースプーン 選手のサインもらった時からカナダ好きです。一生の宝です。

  4. カナダに帰ったほうがいいんじゃないかな。カナダを紹介するミカエラさんが一番充実してる感じでしたね。素敵でした。どこに行っても応援してますよ。できれば最後に僕の出身地のtokyoのogasawara islandsに来てほしいな。フェリーで片道25時間です。いろんな人種の人がいて美しい島ですよ。不便なところもありますが、早く帰ってサーフィンしたいです。将来は絶対にogasawaraに帰ってサーフィンしまくりの生活するぞー。

  5. Hi! I’m JJ, so you can call me JJ. I’m poor in English, but I’m writing my comment to you in Engish.

    So, let me say this now: Thanks for writing a awesome diary! I’m looking forward to your diary .

  6. カナダの五日間見ました。やっぱりカナダのミカエラさんが一番似合ってます。もしカナダに帰っても私はミカエラさんのファンです。家族や地元の友人も喜ぶでしょう。もっともっとカナダ紹介ビデオを見たいな~

  7. 日本人の私がプリンス・エドワード島と聞くとやっぱり『赤毛のアン』を思い出します。

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