福岡天神のおすすめのパンケーキ♥ The Best Pancakes in Tenjin

Luisa, an exchange student from Germany, and I

Luisa, an exchange student from Germany, and I

Sorry to be late, it’s been really busy this month but—

Wait, WHAT? Since when is it December!?


I’ve been focusing too much on videos for [Always With Friends!], and not writing any blogs! (Three videos a week!)

But I managed to get some free time this week, and I was craving some pancakes!

だって、だれでも冬のパンケーキ大好きですもんねー! (私だけかー!)
Everyone loves a good winter pancake! (Don’t they?)

So this week I invited Luisa, an exchange student from Germany,
and her friend Aya, to Bibliotheque!

天神VIOROのB1Fにあります (It's in the B1F of Tenjin Vioro!)

天神VIOROのB1Fにあります (It’s in the B1F of Tenjin Vioro!)

“Bibliotheque” is the french word for “Library”, and old books and magazines decorate the trendy looking restaurant.

All of the items on the lunch menu look amazing,  some options sell out quickly.

Sometimes there’s even a lineup to get inside.

Their most popular dish being, of course, their pancakes!

We put an order in right away.

But .. they are made-to-order, so they take 15 to 20 minutes to cook.

We decided to have some coffee first!

Raspberry Mocha :3

Raspberry Mocha :3

It was a semi-sweet coffee with a bitter taste of fruit.

「コーヒーの味が薄過ぎる」って感じでした (笑)
I love berries so I thought it was really nice, but Luisa from Germany insists that the coffee was
not strong enough. Hehehe.

Finally our pancakes arrived!

Fresh hot pancakes, with cream cheese and fresh berries!

Drizzle the fruit syrup and serve!

IMG_0626単品で980円  ドリンク付きで1480円です
It costs 980 yen for the pancakes only,    or 1480 yen if you include a drink.

If you’re really hungry, you can probably eat all three by yourself, but since we already had lunch,
we shared between the three of us.

It would be perfect to share on a date or something.. ♥

I don’t know if the pictures do them justice, but they are amazing pancakes.

A thousand times better than any home-made pancakes I’ve had.

I can’t recommend them enough!

It looks like they are in Tokyo too.

Search for “bibliotheque” online, and go try them!

I want to review more restaurants in the future (I love food), so check back again sometime!

Stay warm, don’t get sick!



34 thoughts on “福岡天神のおすすめのパンケーキ♥ The Best Pancakes in Tenjin

  1. Yeah .. I thought exactly the same!
    It can’t really be December already, right?

    To be honest I don’t care about pancakes at all, but after reading this post and especially after seeing your delicious photos I’m craving for some, too! (;__;) …..
    The Raspberry Mocha looks super delicious! I’d love to try it! ^______^

    1. Honestly, I never knew pancakes could taste so good until I tried these. They were actually originally Ryu’s favorite thing to eat when we go out, but I find myself craving them sometimes now too. He saw my blog post and got mad that I went without him. Teehee.

  2. Thanks for this post! I’ll definitely bring my S.O. when he comes into town in a couple weeks, what a great find. Please do continue to review restaurants, I love to find out about great places like this.

    PS sorry if you get this twice, it was trying to force me to sign in using google and then it wanted a second sign-in through wordpress just to post the comment? I tried to cancel it, but how strange.

    1. Only got it once, luckily! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Are you in Fukuoka, or Tokyo? (I updated the blog to include the Tabelog.com links to both the Tokyo and the Fukuoka stores if that helps!) It’s hard to come across good tasting sweets in Japanese restaurants, but this one is definitely a keeper.

  3. Thanks for making me hungry!

    On a serious note, those are delicious looking golden and crispy pancakes! Looks much better than the ones I have eaten before…but sadly it seems like there isn’t an outlet here. That coffee too~ Please do more food reviews!

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 Where in Japan are you located? 🙂 I think they are expanding– I saw they just opened a store in Kumamoto, so hopefully they’ll spread throughout Japan.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this spot! I’ll be in Tokyo in about two weeks and my daughter will LOVE this place. (She loves pancakes and anything that is Japanese)

  5. 美味しそうですねー!その写真のおかげで、私もパンケーキを食べたくなりました!

  6. It was really nice! Thank you for bringing us there!!!! 本当によかった。なんかそのほかのPancake(Stollen)もたべてみたいなあ!ハハハ

  7. こんにちは。海外文化に興味があります。情報交換などできれば楽しいですね。私は東京に居ます。

  8. Yo! I am pretty dang sure I saw you on TV for a foreigner concert in Fukuoka a few days back. I only caught a glimpse of your face, but I was pretty sure it was you… maybe I’m wrong??

    Actually, I’ve been trying to do (very sporadically so far) a segment on my blog about cool Canadian gals. The segment is called ‘Canadian Babes,’ and one of my followers nominated you to be up next. I’ve actually only done one piece so far (http://angrygaijin.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/canadian-babes/)
    but I was wondering if you’d let me feature you?


  9. I love your videos and your blog! I have just discovered you…and in a few minutes: you have a new follower!
    I’m Italian and I have a Japanese friend! I have never been in Japan…but it’s in my travel-wishlist! =) Ciao!


  10. はじめまして。

    12/15 「知っとこ!」(TBSテレビ)を見てミカエラさんを知りました。


    I like it .


    See you .

  11. Hi, I saw you on TV this morning!
    I love コンビニ too, because it’s open 24 hrs, and we can get almost everything.
    When I was studying abroad at a college in Wisconsin, there was nothing like コンビニ around, and I had to take a bus for 30 minutes to a supermarket X(
    Life in Wisconsin made me realize how important コンビニ is for me. lol

    By the way, the pancakes looks delicious!!
    I really should figure out where the one in Tokyo is.


  12. So cool that the place is called “Bibliotheque.” (I’ve been studying French for 4 years ;D) I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to read anything when I go to Japan, since I’ve slacking off on studying Japanese. >-<

  13. 初めてブログを拝見させていただきました。YouTubeで動画を観ましたが、とても流暢な日本語ですね!僕は今サスカチュワン州のU of R ESLで英語を学んでいます。外国語を学ぶ身として、ミカエラさんの語学力には感銘を受けました。僕の地元、山口県も歴史のある良いところなので是非プチ観光にでもお越し下さい!

  14. 私はあなたに私の話を書きます。私はちょうどどこかに打ち明けたかった。

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    私の気のめいるような不幸な愛の物語だT.T ….

  15. ・PIW東京公演最終日(7月15日)の2公演が収録され、8月9日夜、BSジャパンにて2時間枠で放送されるそうです。安藤さんはこの公演では連日、昼はAmazing Grace、夜はMusic of the Nightを披露していました。どちらが(どちらも?)見られるか楽しみですね。

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