Life on #ViaRail 写真特集! VIA鉄道での生活 #ExploreCanada

IMG_7400-2 IMG_7411-2 IMG_7422-2 IMG_7441-2
I wanted to show some pictures I took on the VIA Rail train.

I made a tour of the train in a video, too!

My parents are in it too!

I did mention the train stopped in my hometown, right?

If you feel like it, check it out!


13 thoughts on “Life on #ViaRail 写真特集! VIA鉄道での生活 #ExploreCanada

    1. It was! 🙂 I got a cheap samyang fisheye off for like $300 and it does everything I need it to. Completely satisfied.

  1. Your parents are adorable and it was so heartbreaking to watch you leave the station… I’m glad they waited for you, too 🙂 The train ride looks like it was fun!

    1. I’m glad they waited too. The train was a bit late and I made them both a bit late for work, but it was worth it. So thankful I always have their support.

  2. Hi micaela!! I just find your blog through Alan estrada. I like your pics and video!! I love Canadá and its amazing this wonderful trip you all did. And as a woman need to tell you this …… LOVED your bag from the video!!!! Is it from a known brand?? Jajaja Im sorry but I had to do it …..saludos from México! 😀

    1. Hi! Glad you liked the bag! Also I love Alan! He’s the most genuine and sweetest boy you’ll ever meet!

      The bag is from Desigual. It’s a Spanish brand! I love all of their stuff, but the bag in the video, I actually bought for my sister’s birthday! (Which is why my dad is holding it at the end when they leave :)).

      1. jajaja now I understand why they keep it !! thanks for sharing the info!! 🙂 …. And hope one day I can meet Alan jajaja I just follow him on alanxelmundo and that is what he show, a genuine person …. have a great day !!

  3. Aw, it’s so nice that you got to see your parents! I was in tears while watching!
    I love all of these pictures taken with your fisheye lens, btw! You take some wonderful photos! =3

  4. That train is awesome! Canada is gorgeous! Never been but I hope to one day!

    At least we get Tim Horton’s here in Michigan! 🙂

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