大名にあるキリン一番搾りBEER GARDEN in Daimyo, Fukuoka.

Summer this year is unbearably hot.

I try to avoid going out during the day to avoid heat exhaustion.

I don’t even take the dog for walks until the sun goes down.

Even when I go to Tenjin, I wait until the evening.

And even then, it’s still so hot that I sweat. Haha.

Times like these are the best for going to a beer garden.

I chose to go to the Kirin Ichiban beer garden in Daimyo the other day.


I don’t actually even like beer, to be honest. (I’m more of a cocktail girl.)

But the idea of drinking frozen beer in the humid hot summer seems kind of refreshing.

Actually it was my first time ever in a beer garden.

Going inside the store, the people were loud.

I could see that it’s popular.

IMG_9319 IMG_9325 IMG_9324

I got a Cassis Frozen Beer.

It’s like a cocktail after all. Haha.

The taste was really “thin” though, or should I say “light”?

It had the ~nuance~ of Cassis but still mostly tasted like beer. Haha.

Sorry, I’m Micaela and I’m bad at describing things.

But even though I don’t normally drink beer, I could drink this.

IMG_9330 IMG_9337

So how are you spending this hot summer?

If you have any tips for cooling down, let me know!

Talk to ya soon!

15 thoughts on “大名にあるキリン一番搾りBEER GARDEN in Daimyo, Fukuoka.

  1. おはようございます。昨日から徹夜したのでしょう?最近は身体を酷使すぎの様ですね。どうかご自愛下さい!

  2. 私もビールを飲まないけど、それはとても良さそうですね!

  3. I’ve noticed that, in both this blog and a previous video, that Japan seems to sell quite a few different fruit flavored beers. Is this a common thing in Japan? In England we have fruit flavored alcoholic drinks but they’re all like alcopops, not beer.

  4. There is something about beer. In a certain heat after a certain amount of exercise it’s the most attractive drink. Most of the time it’s not that great. I think it has to do with natural body cravings.

  5. Miciala that reminds me that BACK IN THE DAY(late 50s) they had a place across from canal city called Asahi beer hall……A pretty girl and a cold beer go together.

  6. It’s been hot this year for sure.
    Yet I spent 2 weeks outside every single day. Jesus, I got a tan like woah!
    But I was in Okinawa, so that’s a different story.

    It has actually cooled down in the last few days. It’s really nice at night now.
    I think you’re not in Japan at the moment, so of course you don’t know about that yet. And I fear the heat is coming back again. T___T

    Although I’m German I couldn’t care less about beer. I just don’t like it.
    I like eating cold fruit (especially watermelon), ice cream or drinking cool drinks (Lassy, drink yogurt etc.). I also love Frappuccino in summer! ^__^

    I bet Canada is much cooler in summer, especially at night. Probably not so different from Germany.

    1. When I was in Winnipeg it was so hot and humid that you needed a shower five minutes after getting out of the shower. I never could tell how hot it was as everything was in Celsius. And then the gas prices in Canadian dollars per liter. I just gave up trying to translate and learned what a decent price and hot and cold was.

      1. Sounds like it can get quite hot in Canada as well, but I bet it’s a dry heat and not the humid heat we get here in Japan?🙂

        Luckily I’ve never had that problem so far. Japan uses the same measurements as Germany (Celcius, cm, kg etc.).

      2. Winnipeg was just like most of the Eastern US, hot and humid. You get dry heat in the western states, from around Colorado west. In OHIO they have mowed green lawn in the freeway median year round it’s so humid. British Columbia is very nice (California weather). I’ve driven through most of it in the summertime. Japan in the summertime sounds about the same as the South East US, very hot and very humid.

  7. 初めまして。以前より貴女のYOUTUBE動画をいくつか拝見していましたが、英語勉強ができるBlogを開設されていると知りお邪魔しました。

  8. はじめまして。日本語が本当にお上手でびっくりしました。
    ところで「 beer garden」は日本語では「ビアガーデン」又は「ビアーガーデン」になります。


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