★ 5 Things To Eat In Seoul ★ ソウルの料理5つ紹介 ★

★ 5 Things To Eat In Seoul ★ ソウルの料理5つ紹介 ★

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Sorry for all the updates.)

Continuing with outlining my impromptu weekend to trip from Fukuoka to Seoul last weekend, I want to give you an idea of the kind of food you can enjoy when/if you decide to pop over for yourself:


1) SAMGYEOPSAL – Korean “BBQ”, or 焼き肉 “Yakiniku”, as you might call it, is one of my favorite things to eat in Korea, so much so, that I went two nights in a row. HAHA. Thick slices of pork belly are grilled right before your eyes by a skilled restaurant staff, then cut into bite-size pieces with a pair of scissors. What happens next depends on the restaurant, but usually you’ll end up wrapping the bite-size pork slices in lettuce with kimchi and miso. Amazing!


2) NAENGMYEON – Or as we call them in Japanese, 冷麺 (“reimen”, cold noodles.) These are delicious and filling, and since they’re served cold they’re great for when you’re in a rush to eat (and get back to shopping.) Traditionally you’re supposed to eat the long noodles as they are, but at restaurants they’ll usually offer to cut the noodles into smaller portions with scissors if needed.


3) PATBINGSU – Similar to Japanese “かき氷” (shaved ice, kakigori), but can be served with shaved milk instead of shaved ice. It is traditionally topped with mochi and bean paste, but you can find other varieties such as strawberry, mango, and even oreo ?? as well.


4) GIMBAP – A Korean style “roll sushi”, that can contain many different combinations of items such as, beef or tuna, pickled radish, vegetables, kimchi, etc. These are also light and easy to eat–a good choice for when you don’t have a lot of time. smile emoticon


5) SAMGYETANG – This is a soup that contains an entire young chicken inside it, the chicken usually being stuffed with rice, ginseng, onions, garlic, and other filings. Commonly eaten on hot days in the summer, and is apparently really good for your health.

These foods are all very common and easy to find, so if you’re planning on popping over to Korea, consider giving them a try! Do you see anything you’d like to try? Did I leave anything out? What are your favorite Korean foods?



1) サムギョプサル – 韓国の焼き肉ですね。これは実は大好きで、二日連続食べてしまいました。日本の焼き肉と違うところと言えば、自分でお肉を焼くんじゃなくて、お店のスタッフさんがテーブルで焼いてくれるからびっくりしました。最初は、一切れ長いまま焼いて、その後、食べやすい大きさになるようにはさみで切ってくれます。レタスに巻いて、キムチや味噌と食べると美味しいです。

2) 冷麺 – 冷たいだから食べやすい、これは、買い物で忙しくてゆっくりランチを食べる暇がなかったときに食べました。美味しかったです。麺を、そのままの長さで食べるのが一番良いらしいですが、食べやすくするためにお店の人が、はさみで麺を切ってくれるから、これもびっくりしました。値段が安いし、結構重さがあってお腹いっぱいになれます。

3) パッピンス – 韓国の人気かき氷のデザート。つぶあんとお餅でトッピングするのが普通ですが、イチゴミルクや、マンゴー、クッキーなどのトッピングもあります。甘くて美味しいですよー!

4) ギムバプ – 韓国の「太巻き」です。中身が、大根、キムチ、牛肉、ツナ、マヨネーズなどからの、様々な組み合わせです。これも食べやすいので、軽いランチや急いでいる時にぱくっと食べるのがオススメです!

5) 参鶏湯 – 名前通りの、鶏肉のスープです。鶏肉と高麗人参、鹿茸、ファンギ(牙なおぎ)などの漢方ともち米、くるみ、松の実、ニンニクなどを入れて煮込みます。これは本当は、夏に食べるらしいです。体にいいから免疫力をあげる効果もあると言います!鶏肉が柔らかいから、骨から落ちやすいし、食べやすいです!

ほかに、韓国の好きな料理ありますか?「これは絶対に食べてほしい!」というものあればコメントで教えてください!韓国行ってみようと思っている方に、こういうガイド参考になると嬉しいです。(^^) 海外は怖がらずに、行ってみましょう!

8 thoughts on “★ 5 Things To Eat In Seoul ★ ソウルの料理5つ紹介 ★

    1. Yes! If I had to rank them, I’d say Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice is my favorite, followed by Korean Patbingsu, and then Japanese Kakigori. Haha.

  1. I will be there in October. Did you know some people add soju to their patbingsu? I think I will have to give it a try. One of my favorites are kimchi pancakes, so savory! In November I will be popping over to Japan for a little adventure there. One of our stops will be Fukuoka, do have a top 5 for food there?

  2. Those all look so delicious! I haven’t really eaten much Korean food, but this makes me want to try all the Korean food. -drool-

  3. Wow! I’m Korean and I was impressed with your awesome selection of Korean food. Those are ‘super easy to find’ and also popular food to Korean.

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