Trip To Seoul Part 1: Airbnbについて

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★ AirBnbについて ★ (日本語は、英語の後に書いてありますよー!)

11057770_1618010278434239_642363533021475267_n  Dana, get off the dang couch.

Do you know AirBnb? It’s a service that allows home and apartment owners to rent out a spare room, or even a spare apartment or home, to short-term travelers. You can browse listings almost anywhere in the world at

1610911_1618010361767564_1465398888173098160_nSome people use AirBnb as a business and own multiple apartment rooms in a city, furnished and decked out specifically for travelers. In most cases, the rooms are nicer, more spacious, more convenient, and often cheaper than standard hotel rooms. Plus you get the added experience of living in a residential area during your travels, meaning you get a feel for average life for the people in that country.

Our AirBnb room was located between Dongdaemun and Myeongdong, only minutes from the subway, and cost about $100/night for two people–but with the amount of beds up to 6 people could stay in this room. (The couch below the bunk bed folds into a semi-double as well.)

The fridge was stocked with cup noodles, beer and water, which was a nice welcome gift for us.


Another great feature was that the owner provided us with a wifi “egg”, as they call it in Korea, essentially a pocket wifi router. He even provided a spare battery, each charge lasting up to 8 hours. This way, we were never lost in Korea, we always had an Internet connection: google maps and tourist information in the palm of our hands. A great service that you wouldn’t get staying in a hotel.

“Kevin” was a great host and managed three AirBnb apartments in Seoul. He responded to our questions via text and was helpful to offer advice about area. On checkout day, since there was no-one coming in after us, he told us we could leave when we were ready–no pressure to check out at the standard 11:00am time. That helped a lot too!

AirBnb hasn’t really taken off in Japan so much yet, but I hope that more people will be open to this service in the future. It could help a lot of short term travelers better enjoy their stay in Japan.
I’ll be traveling again in May, and I’m hoping to stay at other Airbnbs in different parts of the world, I’ll try to show you what rooms look like then as well.

11159984_1618010418434225_331369693562922322_nDang kids and their smartphones these days.

Airbnb (エアビーアンドビー)ってご存知でしょうか?

宿泊施設を貸し出す人向けのウェブサイトです。スペースを借りているユーザーと、借りたい物件を持つユーザーを接続するオンライン市場みたいな感じです。今世界中に広がっている大人気のサービスで、全世界でなんと10426091_1618010488434218_3829490885092263071_n192カ国で宿を提供しています。人の家の中にあるワンルーム(ホームステイ)から、空いている物件(マンションやアパート、または一軒家)を丸ごと完全に貸し切って借りることができます。(部屋探しと詳しい情報は で見ることができます。)



今回泊まっていたAirbnbは、ソウルのトンデムンシジャン(東大門市場)とショッピングで大人気のミョンドン(明洞)の間にありました。両方散歩でいける距離で、地下鉄から数分もかかりませんでした。二人で一泊1万円ぐらいしましたが、写真で見えると思いますが、最大6人ぐらい泊まれます(セミダブルベッド3つもありました! 二段ベッドのしたのソファも、実はソファベッドなんです。)


おまけに、ポケットインターネットルーターも用意してくれました。これは空港で借りることもできますが、一日8,000円もかかるとききましたがこのAirbnbの部屋だと、インタネットルーターと、お変わりの電池一個が無料で付いていました! 町中に歩いて迷ったときに凄く助かったし、調べたいことすぐ調べられるから非常に便利でした。(または、投稿したい写真すぐツイッターで共有できたし、ブロガーとして凄く嬉しかったです。)ホテルだと中々してくれないサービスですよ。





(ツイッターでのリクエストによって、この部屋を予約するリンクもお付けします! By twitter request, the link to this particular airbnb listing is here.)


9 thoughts on “Trip To Seoul Part 1: Airbnbについて

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard of Airbnb.
    I almost got a private room via their service, but then my plans fell apart, so I cannot speak from experience yet. ^^;

  2. Oh, Airbnb sounds like an awesome service! I’m planning to take an out-of-state trip in August so I think I’ll try this out! Thanks for the informative blog post! d(^ – ^)

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