My Favorite Lunch “Workspaces” in Fukuoka City 外食しながら作業!パソコンで仕事できるランチ!


When I started working for Fukuoka City, on their Kawaii-ku campaign in 2013, I didn’t have time to work any other “steady” jobs, so I quit taking on any scheduled work and became a full-on freelancer. Although working without restrictions and guidelines requires a level of self discipline I am still struggling to achieve, this move has opened me up to all kinds of perks as well, such as the freedom to take my work outside of the house and turn any restaurant or cafe into my temporary “office”.

I actually discovered that when you don’t have anywhere to go all day, it can get quite depressing staying indoors, typing away on your keyboard without any real human contact. Treating myself to a “work lunch” means I actually have to put on pants and look decent (which is something I neglect to do otherwise.)  An added perk to this, is that when you’re a freelancer, treating yourself to a lunch date with your laptop is one more “work expense” for when you file your tax returns, so I tend to eat out a lot. 🙂

I’ve been travelling a lot lately–I just got back from a trip to Taiwan, and it was when I found myself searching for a cafe to work from in Taipei, that I realized that there might be others out there who are looking for a list like this in Fukuoka.

So, today I wanted to write about some of the places I frequent for lunch here in Fukuoka–some are easy to enter as a solo-female (which is important for me because I don’t want random strangers striking up conversation with me when I’m working on a deadline), some have wifi and/or power outlets, and some just have good food.

Either way, whether you’re visiting Fukuoka temporarily and wondering where to go, or just looking for some new ideas, hopefully this list will help inspire you for your next casual lunch/solo-work date.

Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo-Ku, Tenjin 1-16-1
11am-11pm WiFi: Yes  Power Outlets: Yes English Menu: Yes
IMG_8616 IMG_8628This is one of my go-to cafe/restaurants for a meal and a sit-down. Located along the river, a short walk from downtown Fukuoka’s busy district of Tenjin, this cafe offers a wide range of items, from traditional Japanese, to Western Fusion, and tries, to the best of their ability, to describe each dish in English as well (although it doesn’t always make sense.) Some seats have access to power outlets, and the staff do not seem bothered by customers who use them for long periods of time. They also have an extensive coffee/latte menu, and desserts! I recommend the creme brulee or french toast, if you’re more in the mood for something sweet.

2) NUWARA ELIYA Sri Lankan Curry
Fukuoka City, Chuo-Ku, Akasaka 1-1-5 “Tsuruta Keyaki Bld.” 2F
11:30am-12:00am WiFi: No Power Outlets: No English Menu: No
IMG_6067This place is on my list of top lunches in Fukuoka City for two reasons:

First, with a salad, a drink, and dessert included, this delicious and generous serving of Sri Lankan Curry is a great deal at only 1050 yen (approx. $10.50).

Second, “lunch time” stretches from 11:30am, all the way until 17:00pm, so for the days when I’m moving a little slower than usual, I’m grateful that lunch is available until late here. There may not be wifi or outlets available, but the interior of this building is cozy and unique, so it’s worth a visit.

The lunch menu is simple and straightforward, you only have 4 choices of curry–and yes, the Sri Lankan curry is spicy enough to make your nose run and forehead sweat, but the blueberry ice cream served at the end of the meal is soothing and satisfying enough to make it all worthwhile.

3) Kaithong Khao Man Gai
Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2-11-1 Fukuoka Parco Building B1F
11:00am-21:30pm WiFi: Yes Power Outlets: No English Menu: No
IMG_9179IMG_9184-0With only one thing on the menu, Thailand’s specialty chicken khao man gai,  you don’t need to waste time deciding what to eat. Kaithong is great because it’s never TOO crowded, so it’s easy to snag a seat, open up your laptop, and connect to the free WiFi provided by Parco (Facebook log-in authentication may be required.) They also have mango sticky rice on the menu, which I absolutely love! Another interesting service they provide is “all you can eat” cilantro, called pakuchi in Japanese.

4) Fisher’s Sashimi Lunch
Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2-11-1 Fukuoka Parco (New Bldg) B2F
Open: 10:00am-12:00am WiFi: Yes Power Outlets: No English Menu: ??

IMG_3822IMG_3824Located in the basement food court of the New Parco building in downtown Fukuoka. While Fisher’s isn’t my ultimate go-to place for sushi or fish, Fisher’s Sashimi Teishoku (set lunch) is a good deal at only 980 yen. The goma-saba teishoku is another favorite of mine, and a must-try for sashimi lovers visiting Fukuoka, since it is a local specialty. They also have set-lunches that do not contain raw-fish. The main perk for this location though, is that because it’s located in the New Parco’s basement, you can enjoy free access to Parco’s WiFi (Facebook log-in authentication may be required.)

5) Brooklyn Parlor’s Burger Lunch
Fukuoka City, Hakata-Ku, Shimokawabata-Machi, Hakata River Rain 1F
11:30am-11:30pm WiFi: No Power Outlets: Yes English Menu: Yes (online)
11356051_1567152373548413_1750354441_n 11304034_1567152380215079_233437448_n-1

A burger lunch at Brooklyn Parlour is a little pricey, costing anywhere between 1030yen to 1380yen, but I actually enjoy the atmosphere here so much that once I stayed for both lunch AND dessert (I was there a long time.) Not all seats have power outlets, but some do, and they don’t mind you using them. This place is dark with a cool ambience, the bookshelves are full of books that visitors can borrow to glance at while they’re eating, and it’s common to see lone customers with their macbooks open quietly working while enjoying their food. That being said, it’s also a great date spot.  Everything is served with a hint of style, and the quality of the food is good.

6) T O K I O Fruit Pancakes and Parfaits
Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 1-7-11 Tenjin IMS B1F
10:00am-8:00pm WiFi: No Power Outlet: No English Menu: No
Okay, I know this is more of a dessert than a lunch, but a girl has to get her vitamins. Although peak hours can be a little busy, it’s generally easy to grab a seat for one here. Enjoy fresh fruit pancakes, a fruit sandwhich (yeah, that’s a thing), a parfait, or even an acai bowl, with a cup of coffee or fresh mixed juice while you quietly work. Unsurprisingly, the eat-in customer demographic is mostly women, and so for someone like me, it’s quite easy to come and work here unbothered.

7) El Borracho Lunch Taco Set
Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2-11-1 Fukuoka Parco (New Bldg) B2F
Open: 10:00am-12:00am WiFi: Yes Power Outlets: Yes English Menu: No
IMG_7052With several locations located across the city, El Borracho (why yes, I DO know it means the drunkard in Spanish), is one of my favorite places to eat in all of Fukuoka. However, only two of their locations–one at Hakata Station, and this one here in Tenjin, in the basement of Parco, are open for lunch. Stop by for a beef or chicken taco lunch set for only 1050en, and also enjoy free WiFi courtesy of Parco. The counter seating has power outlets, so you can charge your laptop or phone while eating. They have also recently expanded their taco menu, so if you’re visiting later in the evening, it’s worth stopping and giving them a try; I recommend the carnitas, al pastor, and beef con queso tacos.

Final Notes:
• When you’re looking for a place to work in Tenjin, you can rely on places like Starbucks (and there *is* one on every corner here), to have free WiFi as well, but the Iwataya Starbucks, for some reason, does not offer this service. (Check on the door before entering, there should be a sticker marking the locations with WiFi.)

• Tenchika, the underground shopping mall in Tenjin also has free wifi, although depending on your location in the mall, the signal may not be very strong.

• Tsutaya, located across from the Apple Store in Tenjin, has a Starbucks on the first floor, and three floors of seating, some seats have power outlets. The “Start Up Cafe” on the third floor provides free workspaces for independent developers and businesses, and you are welcome to use this space (and their free WiFi) for work. This is a popular place for young Japanese people to gather and work/study, since Tsutaya (and Starbucks) remain open until 4am.

I hope you find this useful. I’ll continue to update this guide as I discover new favorites around town. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions, or favorite places I might like to know about, leave a comment below!









11:00-23:00 WiFi: ある  コンセント:  ある

2) NUWARA ELIYA Sri Lankan Curry
福岡市中央区赤坂 1-1-5 鶴田けやきビル 2階
11:30am-12:00am WiFi: ない コンセント: ない

3) Kaithong Khao Man Gai
福岡市中央区天神2-11-1 Parco B1F
営業時間: 11:00am-21:30pm WiFi: ある コンセント: ない

4) Fisher’s Sashimi Lunch
福岡市中央区天神 2-11-1 パルコ(新館)B2F
営業時間: 10:00am-12:00am WiFi: ある コンセント: ない

5) Brooklyn Parlor’s Burger Lunch
福岡市博多区下川端町博多リバーレイン 1F
11:30am-11:30pm WiFi: ない コンセント: ある

6) T O K I O Fruit Pancakes and Parfaits
福岡市、中央区天神 1-7-11 イムズ B1F
10:00am-8:00pm WiFi: ない コンセント: ない
女性はやっぱり、たまには甘いもの食べたいんですね。♥︎ Tokioのパンケーキ、ミックスジュース、パルフェなどは、新鮮なフルーツたっぷり使っているから、たくさんのビタミンが入っている・・・はずです。こちらは、女性一人で入っても安心な店だから好きですが、男でしたら逆に入りづらいかも知れないですね。。。。汗

7) El Borracho Lunch Taco Set
福岡市中央区天神 2-11-1 パルコ(新館)B2F
営業時間: 10:00am-12:00am WiFi: ある コンセント:ある


• コーヒーだけでもよければ、ほとんどのスターバックスに無料WiFiはありますが、なぜか岩田屋にあるスターバックスにはありません。無料WiFiのある場所は、ドアの外にシールが貼ってありますので、確認してから注文をいれたほうが良いかもしれないですね。

• 天神地下街にも無料WiFiがありますが、場所によってシグナルが弱いところもあります。地下街のレストランに、かならずしも無料WiFiが繋がるわけではないので、注意しましょう!

• アップルストアの向かい側のTSUTAYA(今泉店 )は、午前4時まで営業しているので、若い方、または学生には人気な場所です。二階と三階に席があります。席によって、コンセントが付いている場合もあります。三階のスタートアップカフェだと、無料WiFiを使うこともできます!



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