#13 The man of passion.

Had the pleasure of meeting this man in Taiwan during my recent trip. Inspiring to see people younger than me, who are striving to achieve new things and push themeslves to their limits, no matter how unpredictable the outcome may be.

The Story Books


‘When I was young, I always wanted to create something new, make something that I have never tired before. Once I get the image of it, I just do it.’

Alan is a 23 year old man who handles multiple businesses in Taiwan. He was 16 years old when he started his first business. Since then, he has always been hungry for starting something new.

Alan Talk

Right now, he is running both a photo studio and a cafe in Taipei with his long time partner, Alie.

‘Everyday is busy, I need to learn tons of new things and it makes me really tired,’ Alan continues, ‘but you know, every moment an opportunity is created, and we have a chance to achieve something. I know, it is always scary to make a big decision in life, and I still feel scared when it comes to me, but you won’t get anything done…

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