Four Japanese-Speaking Foreigners You Should Know About!

For your viewing pleasure. Please note that if you have annotations turned on, clicking the pictures in the video will take you directly to each user’s channel. Woo, technology!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Bobbyjudo, who lives in the neighboring prefecture of Saga. Jeff speaks fluent Japanese, and currently does a weekly segment on Kachi Kachi Wide, a local television program in Saga Prefecture. His main passion, however, is cooking, and utilizing Youtube and Ameblo he features some of his best recipes online (both Japanese and English-user friendly.) His recipes are also featured monthly in Fukuoka Walker. Whether you’re looking for a good recipe, or just a personal role model, no doubt, Bobbyjudo is your guy.

Although I can’t say I know Kirby Crescent personally, one glance at his channel makes it clear that he is not your ordinary “guy-in-japan-with-a-youtube-channel.” Kirby Crescent’s channel is pleasantly unique and fresh, often refraining from vlogs, and opting instead to upload his latest cover of a Japanese pop song. This is one channel you should keep your eye on!


Although she travels to Japan frequently, Carolyn has never resided in Japan, and yet she still manages to speak Japanese more fluently than most resident-foreigners I’ve met. She charms her users with her good looks and challenges them to keep up with her fast-paced, fast-talking Japanese vlogs. Subscribe to Carolyn to follow her rise to inevitable fame in the land of the rising sun, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to cash in on her talent.

At 15 years old, Ryuzaki1311 speaks Japanese at a level that most college students will never achieve. One thing that always bothers me about Japanese learners, is their inability to properly pronounce words. Ryuzaki seems to have pronunciation nailed down, and what’s more exciting is the knowledge that this is just the beginning for this talented girl. Who knows where she’ll be in a couple of years!

4 thoughts on “Four Japanese-Speaking Foreigners You Should Know About!

  1. You are doing a great job at what you are doing. I feel like I know you already from you tube. I went to kindagarden at Tachikawa AFB 1949. I was over there for two weeks 1998. Its like going home with what you are doing

  2. I like BobbyJudo’s channel! He is funny.

    Wow! That girl is young! I almost been learning for 2 years and I don’t speak anywhere near as that. I been only recently told I have bad intonation. I wish I would had been told sooner. SO now I have to go back and relearn. I hope by listening more my pronunciation will improve!

  3. Hello~!
    I found you on youtube i would say thank you for sharing this interesting things with us! I had the chance to go to Fukuoka too but i missed it >____<
    However i would say thank you again for sharing these vloggers 😀 and i hope i will see much more videos from you (^__^)v
    Well sorry for this much blabla =__=
    Take care and nice greetings from Jana (Germany)

  4. Interesting that you noted Carolyn charms users with her good looks. In this close-up video above, I was struck by your looks. Your big brown eyes immediately reminded me of the pretty female characters in Manga.

    Ganbatte kudasai!

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